Reaction to Paying College Student-Athletes

The following is my reaction to an article arguing that college student-athletes should be paid.

If you pay the college athletes, then you have to pay ALL of them college sports and the students in college clubs (anywhere students create marketable content, from magazines to plays). It’s a can of worms that shouldn’t be opened. They get their free education, that is the trade off.

People are probably only considering the big DI programs, what about the thousands of DIIIs that don’t get that kind of exposure and don’t bring in the same money? Where do you draw the line? When would we call for high schools to pay their athletes?

(Another user stated that the degrees some of these athletes are graduating with and the course work is subpar, so the college athletes should be paid) If the degrees they graduate with are worthless, then why are we sending them to college? If you ask me, parents need to stop exploiting their children and should encourage academic pursuits as viscously (selfishly, greedily) as they encourage athletics.

Tell me what you think, should or shouldn’t they get paid? What do you think of my argument? I want to hear from you.


Why Do You Write?


Why do I want to write?

Within me lies the unquenchable urge to write. Simply put, the more I write, the more I have to write. The more I read, the more I have to write. The more I think, the more I have to write. Beyond this pursuit I have chosen is this simple and extraordinarily complex question: why? Yes, I have to write, but why? I’m crafting genre-fiction, a western jam packed with so many nuances and subtleties that everyday I get to create and edit material that ends up wowing me, but why? What lies in the hearts of the author, the poet, the artist, the actor, and the musician? What compels them forward to create, despite adversity and self-doubt?

To question conventions
Writing is a way to expose something as flawed, whether by showing inconsistencies within its very nature or exhibiting the contrived manifestation of the thing itself. These conventions of humans are human in their own right. As such, they represent the multitude of our condition. Choose your abstract, whether it be plot, portrait, or idea, no matter what, at some level it is flawed.

To express originality
My thoughts are real. I think therefore I am. When all is said and done there will be nothing left to say or do. Writing, like many other arts, is a platform capable of transferring the uniqueness within my brain (soul, heart) to other people. Perhaps transferring isn’t the right word. Writing enables the mind to wander, contemplating and drawing connections. Writing lets the naturally philosophical mind breath. It exists of this world and has every part to do with being human as the blood coursing through my veins. Fiction isn’t fake.

To show believability
Somewhere in that creation, if it strives to be an accurate portrayal, the idea that it is genuinely represented must be questioned, perhaps inherently. The human heart, the soul, the stages of depression, love, rage, fear, admiration, every one of us has felt these (despite the level at which it visited upon us). There’s a truth in writing that attempts to capture each (those are the books I always return to, the ones I encourage others to read).

To educate
Fundamentally, regardless of the genre, all writing wishes to teach. The reader learns about the characters and the world created, the laws set forth in stone of ink. Writing should make the reader want more. If the reader turns the page then the reader wants more. Beyond this, the author, with subtleties, themes, and clues, wishes to impart something upon the reader (some of those things unintentionally… forces that work on you can work through you).
Subtleties and clues contribute to what the author wishes to teach. Like solving a puzzle, people want to pick up on the clues while on the road to the conclusion.

From the myriad of reasons, those first few come to mind. Tell me what you think, tell me what you would add or remove. I want to hear from you.

Sci-Fi Theories on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s Disappearance

By no means is this meant as disrespect to the families or the people missing in Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

My intent is not to disrespect. disappearance

Missing / lost lives are no laughing matter.


With all this said, the fact remains that it’s been three days and no one has a clue about what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Yes, people disappear all the time, but with the advanced technology we have today (all the tracking and security we have poured into air travel), the very situation that we are dealing with should not exist… but here it is.

Where has the Malaysia Airlines flight gone? The following is a consideration (and exploration) of the more radical theories. I, for one, happen to believe that he universe is way more fantastic and surreal than we are lead on to believe. Also, like good ol’ Occam’s razor states “among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected” or in other words, the simplest answer is often correct.

The plane hit a wormhole.

I don’t know how it works, I don’t know why it works, I don’t know where wormholes lead, but Einstein said that they exist, so therefore we can not rule out this possibility.

The plane hit a black hole.

Not a full fledged black hole, but a micro black hole. Go ahead, do your own research, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) creates these each operation. What else could gobble up an entire commercial aircraft, leaving no clues, and strike so quickly that it was impossible for the crew to radio for help.

The plane was abducted by aliens.

With the lack of clues and evidence to the contrary, trust that people will claim that the reason this plane disappeared is due to other worldly interference. Though I personally don’t agree with this theory… where is the plane?

The plane went forward in time.

I’m not going to act like I even barely understand the science involved with this, but this is a part of general relativity, and therefore can not be ruled out as an option. The plane did not disappear, it went to the future.

The plane went back in time.

If this was the case, we would have pieced together the clues from the past by now (unless the plane went so far into the past that we still have not discovered it). I did not come up with this stuff, science allows for it, so…

The plane disintegrated midair.

Okay, well where are the debris?

The plane never existed.

What!? Like a hoax or something?

The plane has always been missing.

What!? Like conspiracy or something? Like a government/group has been up to something and is using this situation to hide what it’s been doing? That’s just ridiculous… but…

The plane has been taken by North Korea.

So… Kim Jong-un is to blame… well if we’re not ruling out possibilities…

The plane was taken by terrorists.

But taken where? Usually terrorist groups are the first ones to claim responsibility for their work. If the plane was taken and crashed, then where are the debris. If it exploded, where are the debris?

Cthulu took the plane.

Welcome to sheer terror and madness. If Cthulu (or a Cthulu type being) took the plane, we have way more to worry about.

The plane entered the astral plane.

Such a plane has neither been confirmed nor denied.


Again, I hope that everyone is safe and will soon be united with their loved ones. This is not meant as a joke but only as a means to dispel and explore some of the theories thrown out there. So, tell me what you think? Any theories you think actually might be true? Any theories of your own? I’d like to hear from you.


Writers, Why Do You Read?


I stumbled upon some old notes I had written in efforts to legitimize my attempt to embark upon the writer’s road.

Before I could write, I had to know why I was writing (the purpose, the point, the big picture, not of the plot, but the act of writing itself). Naturally, this brought me to reading. As intertwined the act of writing is to the act of reading, I figured that if I could understand why I read (and perhaps why I read what I read) then I could better understand if I had the potential to write.

By no means is this meant as a be all list. The following are the ideas I came up which ultimately convinced me to scratch my pen away at hundreds of sheets of paper.

What makes me want to read?

To learn

to learn about the characters, their societies, and their worlds. To learn about the author’s vision of truths, beauties, horrors, and madness. If school learning is an analogy, then students seek absolutes, verifiable facts, and truths. What good is teaching something that is fundamentally wrong, or in the author’s case, something not true to life or the characters?

Because I’m interested…

but why am I interested? Because I expect something: an enlightening. an awakening, a clarity, a knock on the door. I’m interested in specific works because of what it’s accomplished (what accomplishments do they all share?)…

To experience

From what I’ve read, in every case, I always felt as if I was there. I remember how jarring it was when someone would interrupt my reading, pulling me from that world, or when my reading was completed, how I longed to return to the story. I remember giggling at events in some books and being utterly disgusted by others.

Tell me what you think of these ideas, whether you agree or disagree, tell me what you’d add. Writers, what did it take for you to finally start writing? Readers, why do you read?

Reaction to Bill O’Reilly and Valerie Jarrett On Gangsta Culture

Here’s a link to the article I’m responding to

They (Jay-z and Kanye West) don’t do gangsta rap, but they perpetuate images and ideas of manhood and womanhood that our youth (and some grown @ss adults) accept as reality.

The problems with hip hop (and most pop music) are that for one, unlike film, youth take it as fact when it’s only an expression of fiction, and two, the songs played on the radio are for adults. Sadly with the second point, why are lyrics that incite womanizing, drug use, violence, and callousness made readily available for our kids to listen to? This is mature music made for a mature audience. The way I see it, if children aren’t allowed into a rated R movie without a parent, then why is it acceptable to bleep out the curses and still allow songs about committing all sorts of vices airplay?

Every time you hear a kid reciting a line, understand that you’re witnessing an indoctrination that most kids don’t even realize and can’t break from. Is music bad, no. But I’ll be damned before I let my child listen to the top 10 songs on the radio.

The Most Beautiful Phrase

The 2001 film Donnie Darko brings up the phrase cellar-door as the most beautiful phrase in the history of the world.

The film goes on to say: “This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that ‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful.”

Though I do like the way the phrase rolls off the tongue and the symbolism it invokes… well… let’s just say I took that as a challenge. The following are a few words that I think are equally as beautiful.

Kill switch

Wikipedia defines a kill switch as a safety mechanism used to shut off a device in an emergency situation in which it cannot be shut down in the usual manner.
But when I hear kill switch, I can’t help but think of the 2003 video game of the same name. I can’t help but think of the state a warrior can reach that thrusts her or him into a berserker’s frenzy, a bloodlust, a battle rage. It’s the type of last resort one only hits when the proverbial sh!t is about to hit the proverbial fan.

Surge protector

This one is defined as an electrical device inserted in a power line to protect equipment from sudden fluctuations in current. But to get the full effect of the beauty of this phrase we have to dig further. A surge, itself, is defined as a sudden powerful forward or upward movement. This is momentum, inspiration, and power. To have an inner surge protector is to walk in a perpetual state of complete motivation, knowing that your will can shape the world, holding onto that spark that started you on your path.

Pressure cooker

This is an airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure and can also be used to describe a highly stressful situation. We all face pressure in our lives. Some people can’t handle it and give in, but before you do, understand that pressure is what turns coal into diamonds. Let that pressure cooker transform you!

Boiling point

The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure surrounding the liquid and the liquid changes into a vapor.
For me this screams that there’s a point at which a person can stand no more, a point at which even the most congenial of persons will resort to savagery. Make no mistake, for some that point may be higher or lower than others, but every person has that fine line.

Please share any phrases that you think are equally beautiful! What do you think about cellar door? What do you think about my list? I’d love to hear from you.

The Complete Loss of Hope


Many people have used despair to describe a temporary lull in their sails but spring back with the next gust of wind, learning from experience and telling themselves they’ll never make that mistake again.
True despair, the kind of soul harrowing, purpose erasing, ultimate defeat, is a state best felt by the childless parent.
And the ocean surrounds, fading into the horizon,
And the winds no longer blow,
And beasts circle below the deep dark blue.

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day


So Valentine’s Day is imminent and you didn’t buy anything. Shame on you. Although I agree that this day is nothing more than a commercialized holiday constructed purely as a business tool, it does matter. Yes, everyday should be valentine’s day with your loved one… but if you find your hands empty on that fateful day… woe to you.

I liken gift buying to sitting at an open bar. Before you get there, you know of hundreds of drinks that you’d like to try, but when the bartender finally does reach you, you have no idea what you’re getting. This unfortunate hindrance gets many a man in trouble when it comes to gift giving, but hopefully inspiration is a mere mouse scroll away.


Can never go wrong with jewelry. if in doubt, go pricier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a cure-all problem solver but at least it shows that you have financially invested yourself into the relationship. Do not buy a ring.

Chocolate, flowers, and a stuffed animal

Cliche as it may be… it’s somethin’… and somethin’ is better than nothin’. You’ll get bonus points if you remember her preference (milk, dark, white chocolate; her favorite flowers; her favorite animal)… if you remember…

A card

Look, maybe your pockets are hurting or maybe you waited to the very last minute. Keep your composure and get down to the nearest Walgreens. Get her a card, but you better write in it. Don’t you dare let the Walgreens card do all the talking. Write how you truly feel about her (include a poem!).

Cook for her/ bring the restaurant home.

Make the evening your own: cook dinner, set the table, get some mood music going. If you can’t cook then order out and decorate your place the same. It shows initiative, planning, and care. It’s intimate.

5 Ways to Prevent Self-Sabotage in Dating


This is a repost from one of my guest posts on

It’s clear that there are many dating faux pas out there. As culture advances, so must archaic dating customs. People must think more with their heads and not their instincts. Scientific research has proven that most of what governs people’s dating practices is linked to hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Keeping this in mind, understand that technology and culture is evolving exponentially faster than what’s written into our genetics. To sum it up, don’t let your genetic makeup sabotage your dating experiences. The following old fashioned practices are setting you up for failure.

1. Following your instincts and not your head.

Yea I know he has swag, I know he’s a bad boy. I know that girl knows how to freak it on the dance floor and all your boys talk about how easy she is. But do you really want to risk having a child with him/her? Maybe this is based on prehistoric males seeking fertile females and women seeking protection and security for her and future seeds. But this is grossly outdated. Nowadays women work and can provide just as well as a man can. What’s more, diseases are all over the place. Time to leave swag alone.

2. Turning a blind eye to negative traits.

You knew how he/she was when you met him/her. So throwing all these high expectations on the woman/man you just met in the club or bar is really unrealistic. If you know someone is irresponsible or unfaithful, well, why get romantically involved in the first place?

3. Trying to change who you’re with.

Alot of people get into relationships expecting the other person to change. While everyone should always seek growth and improvement, this isn’t an absolute or for everyone. Maybe a hundred years ago people did, but now, being that people can lose themselves via transportation and communication, a child isn’t the end all be all that it used to be, especially with morals and the growing trend of single parent homes.

4. Letting those riches blind you.

Check out this YouTube video showing a Ferrari pick-up prank, where several young guys took turns picking up women just by saying “that’s my car.” Yeah, a fancy car and a nice job say a lot about a man or a woman, but don’t for one second think that the material possession correlates to how you will be treated or what you can get out of him or her.

5. Believing the hype.

Soul mates do not exist.
Soul mates do not exist.
Soul mates do not exist.

Let’s logically explore this one. So out of a whole world of people, your one true love, the one you were meant to be with forever, just happened to live in the town next to you. Face it, the whole soul mate thing ends up forcing people to bear with a lot of unnecessary nonsense when they should have left. Now I’m all for giving your all for someone but understand, you are most likely compatible with tens of thousands of people across the planet. Keeping that in mind, if you are in a relationship that’s lost its spark, hell… move on.

Unbound: Almost Human


There may be spoilers ahead.

Episode 9 is titled “Unbound” and the first thing I wonder is how it plays theme to the episode and the series. I. This episode, who’s the one unbound, the XRN or Dr. Nigel? In the latter’s case, he’s bound by a situation in his past. Something that happened and still haunts him to the current day.

As I watched the episode, I felt that I naturally empathized with the man. Mistakes happen, it’s a shame that if a big enough one is made, there’s no escaping it. Like this big black cloud, it’ll follow you throughout your whole life.

Ambition is another big theme of tonight’s episode. In itself, ambition is a good thing, without which people wouldn’t strive for anything. Tonight, we got to see how the negativity in a man’s past coupled with his ambition can give rise to some very bad things.

The episode also presents new ideas about the World of Almost Human (via The Wall) and an unresolved story which the audience will get to follow over the next several episodes.